Mesh Wear YOU NEED IT!

Mesh Wear YOU NEED IT!

Last winter I spent some time in Palm Desert. I had the pleasure of helping a lovely 80 something, we did a fitting for a pair of dreamers. She promptly requested I make her a pair in see through mesh. BOLD choice, so I made myself a pair as well.  The rest is history the mesh dreamer is on track to be the best selling Autumn Teneyl pant of all time. That is saying something in some parts when I am spotted at the local grocery store in any random town USA someone will stop and ask (are you the pant lady?)

So why do you need mesh dreamers?

1.You feel like you are naked 

2.You look dressed 

3.You can and should get them wet 

4. Amazing for hiking 

5. Pack and travel like no other 

6. Let’s face it they are super cute