The Dress Design Process...

The Dress Design Process...

Ever wonder how the ideas for our clothing come to light? Did it start with the idea or the fabric? How do they pick the funkiest most different patterns and know they will be harmonious together? 

It all begins with the fabric, that is where Autumn's inspiration for her designs are born. If you're a long-time fan of ATD, one of the main aspects of our clothing you are familiar with is how SOFT and comfortable it all is. The fabric most used in our clothing is called 'brushed microfiber'. So finding as much beautiful, unique and quality brushed microfiber as we can is an important piece to creating a new collection. As you may know, we up-cycle our fabric, meaning we buy designer fabric in the fashion district in LA that major designers have no need for anymore. This makes it an adventurous treasure hunt for us to find the best fabric we can! They are hidden sometimes in the biggest warehouses, making it all the more special to find. 

We then cut fabric swatches from that that we purchased and begin a game of shifting the pieces layer by layer to find what's most pleasing to the eye and what we think will make the most sense for one of our classic Calypso or Malibu Dresses. The thread is also one of the more important decisions to make in how we will make all of the fabrics in our garments really pop and we normally love to color contrast with these or use shimmer when we can!

We love coming up with new designs and sharing them with you all - it's so exciting to roll out new product when the new seasons start! We can't wait to show you all we've been working on. The photo attached is a sneak peak of one of the new Calypso Dresses we'll have for this summer's shows! 

DRESS CONTEST This week 4/20/22-4/27/22

When you purchase any dress from our 2022 Dress Drop, you are automatically entered to win a FREE DRESS from our upcoming Spring Collection!!! Winner will be announced next week!