The Mighty Buffalo

The Mighty Buffalo

The Buffalo is an incredible site to see out in the wild. Living and traveling in places where the Great American Bison roam like Montana, Wyoming and Colorado - I have grown an appreciation for their stoic ease and quiet, yet mighty, power. 

In 2012, I was lucky enough to bear witness to a Bison giving birth in Yellowstone National Park. The herd generally leave the mother to have birth privately, so I watched her family wait across the road for 20 minutes while the birth took place. And after only 20 minutes, the calf stood up and awkwardly took its first steps with his Mom, and then walked to join the rest of the herd. It is absolutely one of the best experiences I have been able to have - to witness their strength, endurance, and protection.

Buffalo are seen as spiritually powerful in many tribes, especially in the Great Plains region; their horns and hides were often used for regalia and religious artifacts, and they are viewed as symbols of honor and generosity.

Let us be inspired by the good message of the Buffalo linked to our personal ideals of freedom and how you use this freedom in your own life.

Attached are some photos from that day.