The Warmest Pants You Ever Did Wear

The Warmest Pants You Ever Did Wear

Let's talk about the Seeker Pants in Rocket Man.

We've had a lot of our long-time customers asking us to bring back the Daphne Pant in either the hemp fabric or soft cotton like we used to produce years ago. When given the choice to use the Rocket Man fabric for a new Daphne line or a Seeker Pant we decided to go with the Seeker. We made this decision because we want you to have the best pants you can possibly have for the winter season.

The Rocket Man Fabric is micro fleece, super thick and warm on the inside, and 2x warmer than most expedition grade fabric. They are even warmer than our Patagonia fleece layers. The Seeker Pant is slick on top so not bulky and can be layered easily.

I have a sample pair of Daphne's made in the Rocket Man fabric  and I love them but I couldn't believe I love the Seeker Pant so much more. They are my second pick at this point! I find the fit of the Seekers to be so much warmer and much more flattering on. 

Let us know if you have any questions about fit and sizing. We love you and are so grateful for your support!


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