Our Story

Who we are
Autumn Teneyl is a small women’s clothing brand, grown from the ground up in Colorado for the last 20 years.
We are a small family, a team, sometimes changing, but mostly staying the same, and always maintaining the course line when it involves our vision. A vision of small batch, hand made, original, and sustainable way of pursuing a dream. A dream of creating, establishing, and culturing a high end fashion product, one able to transform women from all walks of life, incorporating  flattering designs, with timeless styles that fit real women, using fabrics that are durable, luxuriously comfortable, and cozy.
All made 100% in Colorado, USA, using 100% recycled and repurposed designer fabrics, we will always walk the path of Earth conscious women.
We are an in-house team and all aspects of this company stay in-house. From the fabric sourcing in Los Angeles, to the photography and modeling, the sewing team in Denver, the reps and the bookkeeping, we want you to feel that we are as homegrown as we truly are.
From the Mountains to the Sea, we have made it this far.  For 20 years we have steadily been building the tribe with no other plans but to keep flying forward, so please join us and help make this small brand,  fashion adventure, part of your lifestyle and family. And it certainly has been an amazing adventure so far!
We love and thank every single one of you. 
The Autumn Teneyl Team



Callie Beck, Studio Manager
Contact for questions/assistance with show bookings, business operations, marketing, sourcing and production.
 Callie Beck or Christy, Customer Support 
Contacts for questions regarding sizing, fit, etc.
Connie Schanzenbaker, Accounting Manager
Contact for questions/assistance regarding ATD financials & accounts payable/receivable 
Autumn Teneyl's PR and Social Network Intelligence
Contact for inquiries/submissions of photos, stories, press, facebook, twitter and special news & events

Autumn’s Studio & Business Operations:
4950 Perry Street
Denver, CO 80212
(970) 880-2191